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How Dare She Interrupt the Football Game!

spank butt6 How Dare She Interrupt the Football Game!

This blonde babe commits the ultimate sin of changing the channel while her man is watching the football game. He’s so ticked off, he’s going to spank her hard enough to ensure that she never makes that mistake again! The big game falls by the wayside as the appeal of doling out a good spanking takes hold of his libido. Making her bend over the couch and hike up her skirt, he administers a series of brutal slaps to her bottom that have her pleading and apologizing. But that’s simply not enough to assuage his anger or his lust, and he inserts a little something in her ass to make sure she remembers the lesson learned.

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Student Bends Over for Teacher to Spank Her

spank butt3 Student Bends Over for Teacher to Spank Her

Teacher really loves her students, especially the female ones! She loves them so much, she feels she has to make sure they learn their lessons well, even if she has to bend them over from time to time. This blonde student wasn’t paying attention in class, but she’s paying attention now as teacher metes out some ass slapping punishment. Even the principle gets in on the disciplinary fun, instructing the teacher in the proper way to spank her student’s tender buns. They’re both getting hornier as that sweet panty-clad bum gets redder, and how much do you want to bet that the pussy behind those panties is running like a river? It’s guaranteed there’s more fun to follow!

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