Hot blonde honey gets a firm hand spanking

spank her15 Hot blonde honey gets a firm hand spanking

This bootylicious blonde babe is a real looker, tall and beautiful with long legs, a firm ripe peach of a butt and smile that doesn’t quit. It doesn’t even quit when her hunky black husband decides to spank her. You’ll be spanking yours when he gives her a good over the knee spanking and she just shows more of her beautiful body and delicate pink snatch. So what can he do? Spank her again, that’s what, and he does, this time with a paddle. High quality video inside.


How Dare She Interrupt the Football Game!

spank butt6 How Dare She Interrupt the Football Game!

This blonde babe commits the ultimate sin of changing the channel while her man is watching the football game. He’s so ticked off, he’s going to spank her hard enough to ensure that she never makes that mistake again! The big game falls by the wayside as the appeal of doling out a good spanking takes hold of his libido. Making her bend over the couch and hike up her skirt, he administers a series of brutal slaps to her bottom that have her pleading and apologizing. But that’s simply not enough to assuage his anger or his lust, and he inserts a little something in her ass to make sure she remembers the lesson learned.

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Hot Asians in over the knee spanking clips

spank her14 Hot Asians in over the knee spanking clips

If you like slutty Asian girls and a good firm hand spanking you’re going to love this outrageous sexual spanking video. These hot little foxes know how to spice up their lesbian games and you’ll really get off on watching the sultry top punish her little playmate into submission. She’s going to spank her butt until she begs for mercy, and that takes a long time because this foxy minx really likes to get her butt spanked. Lots more high quality spanking vids inside this top site.


Bookish Wife Begs Hubby to Spank Her Butt

spank butt1 Bookish Wife Begs Hubby to Spank Her Butt

Even bookish babes love to get their asses spanked. This bespectacled lass might be saying “ouch!” as her hubby whacks her comely rear end, but her moans of pleasure are definitely saying “spank me!” And you can bet her sweet bottom he does! It’s a lucky man who has a wife so naughty she relishes a good trimming. She likes it so much, in fact, that after a few good thwacks, she’s wriggling around to give him better access to her round behind, and it’s not long before she takes off those pink panties to fondle her throbbing clit. Too bad there’s no hard cock in it for her today, though. Hubby’s off to work, leaving her in a drippy mess and begging plaintively for release!

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Big, bare butt gets firm hand spanking

spank her13 Big, bare butt gets firm hand spanking

You’ve got to see the butt on this gorgeous fair-skinned blonde as it turns red and swollen under a thorough sexual spanking. This naughty little slut has been disobedient to her raunchy brunette boss and now she’s going to spank her butt. The boss is a strict disciplinarian and knows how to spank her secretary into submission with a good firm hairbrush and the ruler from her desk. There are lots more hot spanking movies in this great site, which is a must for spanking lovers.


He’s Pissed Off and She’s Gonna Feel It!

spank butt2 Hes Pissed Off and Shes Gonna Feel It!

Whatever she’s done, it looks like she’s really pissed him off this time, and judging by her scarlet ass cheeks, he’s already delivered some harsh discipline. But he’s nowhere near finished! He wants to spank her butt until he’s sure she’s sorry for her transgressions. He pulls her across his knee for a few more stinging blows, pinning her down firmly so there’s no escape, and taunting her with his total control—“Now you can’t wiggle as much, can you?” Putting his naughty girl in her place sure gives him a hard cock…and the perfect excuse to choke her with his cock, which he does with sadistic pleasure. Wanna watch?

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