Sleazy leather bitch spanks her foxy friend

spank her11 Sleazy leather bitch spanks her foxy friend

The high quality videos on this site are the best sexual spanking clips on the net. In this one a sleazy leather mistress bends her girlfriend over for a sexual spanking until the slutty sub’s hot round butt is red and sweaty and she’s begging for her to spank her butt some more. This one’s a real turn-on, especially because these two foxes have really hot bodies. So when this nasty bitch decides to strip her down to her stockings and spank her some more, she’ll drive you wild.


Student Bends Over for Teacher to Spank Her

spank butt3 Student Bends Over for Teacher to Spank Her

Teacher really loves her students, especially the female ones! She loves them so much, she feels she has to make sure they learn their lessons well, even if she has to bend them over from time to time. This blonde student wasn’t paying attention in class, but she’s paying attention now as teacher metes out some ass slapping punishment. Even the principle gets in on the disciplinary fun, instructing the teacher in the proper way to spank her student’s tender buns. They’re both getting hornier as that sweet panty-clad bum gets redder, and how much do you want to bet that the pussy behind those panties is running like a river? It’s guaranteed there’s more fun to follow!

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Thieving Professor Gets the Belt!

spank butt4 Thieving Professor Gets the Belt!

They don’t have to be young to be in need of a little correction. This chubby professor has pilfered her colleague’s notes, and he’s not going to stand for it. The anticipation of punishing her has been making his cock hard all day, and by the time he confronts her, he’s determined to spank her butt with a vengeance. She’s guilty and she knows it, so after a few mild protests, she meekly bends over and bares her ass for him. He’s so enraged and engorged, he pulls off his belt and let’s her have it right there in the classroom! And to add to her humiliation, he even makes her count the lashes! She won’t be stealing his work in the future. Then again, maybe she will!

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She’ll Trade A Spank for a Fuck Any Day

spank butt10 Shell Trade A Spank for a Fuck Any Day

You can spank me if you fuck me. That’s this horny little brunette’s attitude as she bends herself over her boyfriend’s knee and exposes her ass to his flailing hands. For his part, he wants to see if spanking her butt makes her pussy wet. After a few good slaps, he spreads her wide to check for himself, but it’s not wet enough for his liking, and he brings his hand down on her bare cheeks even harder. She’s masturbating like mad as her tight little tush gets redder, expecting to get a nice long bang for her efforts. Does she get what she’s looking for? You’d be surprised!

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Come On Baby, Spank Me Harder!

spank butt9 Come On Baby, Spank Me Harder!

This blonde babe really adores having her man smack her bare ass. For her, a good hard butt thrashing is the only kind of foreplay, so when she says “spank me,” she really means it. Her man can’t hit her rear end hard enough or fast enough for her liking, and she urges him on, fondling her tits and telling him how much she likes what he’s doing. She bends over the couch, spreading her legs to play with her sopping wet pussy while he pummels her butt. By this time, she’s getting so hot, she begs him to fuck her. But alas, he leaves her wet and horny. Maybe if she’s a good girl and does the dishes she’ll get what she wants later on. Of course, by then he’ll have to spank her all over again!

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Bound Brunette’s Ass Is Thrashed Raw

spank butt8 Bound Brunettes Ass Is Thrashed Raw

Bound at wrist and ankle and tied across the table, this poor girl endures a vicious spanking that has her screaming out in pain. She’s completely immobilized as the paddle comes down hard on her already raw ass, and all she can do is plead for it to stop. But it doesn’t! The torture carries on until her exposed cheeks are welted and bleeding, and even then her tormentor continues to spank her! He does pause, however, to use a huge dildo on her sensitive ass, cheered along by several onlookers who are enjoying the show as much as you’re going to when you watch the full-length version of this hot video.

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